Chapel and Bells

Bell TowerTo purchase the finest pre-owned bells available, click here!

I have always wanted a personal chapel,  and have also had a great love of bells.  I took care of the Catholic church and bells in Paris when I was young.  I have been up in that tower hundreds of times taking care of the bells, and ringing them from the top of the tower. They have 3 bronze bells that were cast in 1888 in that tower.  Now, I have a family chapel and collection of over 60 bells!  The largest bell is an iron bell that is 52" across.

Our chapel is named after St. Ann, Mother of the Virgin Mary.  It was the name of the Catholic school that was on my property over 100 years ago.  There was a school and chapel here; the nuns lived on the property.

In 2007, I began work on the chapel and bell tower. Over time the chapel grew in size and the bell tower and bells grew in size and number. Then, the number of bells in the chapel tower reached 26, and the number of towers reached 4, the tallest being 45 feet tall.

In May of 2010, Bishop Tayler Catholic Bishop of Little Rock came and blessed 33 of the bells. Click here to listen to the bells ringing.

Stained GlassThere are 2 bells in the chapel itself, one cast in 1727, and one cast in 1780 in Scotland.  The chapel is finished in oak, with choir stalls on each side. There is a 5 by 7 foot stain glass window, and smaller stain glass windows along the side. The altar is a slab of stone from the county resting on a wood base made from an old wine tank.  The ambo is also made out of an old wine tank.

It is hoped that the chapel will be finished within a year. This is a private chapel for the family. Weddings can be on the property but not in the chapel. Deacon Robert Cowie does not perform the wedding service, except under Catholic rite and law.

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