Arkansas Historic Wine Museum

Preserve the Heritage

barrelsArkansas has a rich heritage of wine making dating from the time of the earliest settlers. Through the present, there have been 150 wineries bonded in Arkansas by the federal government since the repeal of prohibition and more than 1,000 Arkansas permits issued for wine making. Many ethnic backgrounds have contributed to this history enriching it through their cultural expressions. People living in all areas of the state have made wines for personal enjoyment and profit. The Arkansas Historic Wine Museum brings this heritage to you. Through the museum's work in sponsoring research and preserving artifacts, the stories of people's past are made a part of the future.

"You are to be congratulated on the number of wineries positively identified.... Your subject is an aspect of our history which has never before received scholarly attention."
John L. Ferguson
State Historian
Arkansas History Commission

Professor Joseph Bachman

Joseph BachmanSeveral notable individuals were involved in the history of wine making in this state. One of these was Professor Joseph Bachman (1853-1928), a Swiss immigrant, who devoted a lifetime to propagating grapes. He received national and international prominence for his grapes. Learn more about him in the exhibit area dedicated to his work.



Handmade barrel

Framed award


News Articles

wine pressAdvance the Science

Within the museum you will see commercial and home wine making equipment. Most of these items are from wineries that are no longer active. They enable you to see the process as it was many years ago and follow this art step by step from the grape to the bottle.

  • Winepress
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Barrels and storage tanks
  • Small equipment & tools
  • Government records
  • Photographs
  • Pumps and filters
  • Testing instruments
  • Bottling equipment
  • Bottles and labels
  • Correspondence

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