Wines & Awards

Whatever your taste preference, we vint a fine assortment of wines and juices from locally grown grapes.

  • Full-bodied Class Wines
  • Dry Dinner Wines
  • Sweeter Sipping Wines
  • Authentic Fruit Wines
  • Communal Wines
  • Grape Juices

Awards and MedalsWe won our first award in the Eastern Wine Competition in New York in 1982 with our Cynthiana Wine. There were over 700 wines entered. Six Gold Medals and fifty-one silver medals were awarded. We received a silver medal. We have also won awards and medals in Arkansas, Indiana, and Tennessee.

In 1997 our Blueberry Wine was selected to be offered to the official wine taster for Queen Elizabeth II. Our Robert's Port Wine--a gold medal winner--is recognized as outstanding by all who taste it. We have won over 150 awards for our wine.

Wine List

sales roomWhen you come to visit us, you are welcome to enjoy any four of our wines listed below for free. If you want to keep your tasting glass--just pay $3.00.

Below you will find a list of wines we currently sell. Click here for a list of locations where you may purchase our fine wine.

Awards: (M) More than one, (G) Gold, (S) Silver, (B) Bronze

Vintner's Choice Wines:
750 mL
Arkansas Queen, (M), Cynthiana, full, earthy, complex, an aged wine
Robert's Port, (M), Special Blend, the finest wine to end a wonderful day
Dry Wines:
Anne's Elegance, (B), Vidal Blanc, A crisp and enjoyable wine
Vin Sec Blanc, (M), Dry Niagra, A white wine, like eating fresh grapes
Vin Sec Rouge, (S), Blend, A fine blended wine, a great red wine for dinner
Semi-Sweet Wines:
Elizabeth's Blush, (G), Blend, Not sweet, nor dry; great with fruit and cheese
Mount Magazine Mist, (M), Blend, A light wine, goes well with a meal
Vin Demi Sec Rouge, (M), Blend, A red wine for all to enjoy
Sweet Wines:
Katherine's Delight, (M), Blend, A special blend to share with someone special
Mount Magazine Sunset, (M), Blend, A special wine to enjoy a sunset or a fine day
Trish's Passion, (M), Niagra, Like eating Niagra grapes fresh from off the vine
Southern Muscadine Wines:
Southern Prince, (M), Nobel Muscadine, A fine Southern drink
Southern Princess, (M), Carlos Muscadine, A fine Southern drink
Southern Rose', (M), Blend of Muscadines, A fine Southern drink
Fruit Wines:  
Cranberry, (G), A wine that is crisp and fruity, good any time of the day
Elderberry, (G), A wine just like Grandma made to cure all ills
Strawberry, (G), A wine that is crisp and fruity, good any time of day
Grape Juice:
White Muscadine, (M), A fine Southern juice for the entire family to enjoy
Red Concord, (M), A find juice like Grandma made for all to enjoy
Note: We do not ship wine; however, our wine can be found in these locations!